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International Innovative School

is a licensed private educational program/ primary school.

International Innovative School is the innovative project which provides the best practices and approaches in the field of Early Learning Education including:

New Ukrainian School program

Creative Canadian methods of presentation of educational material

The best of Finnish experience

The process of education is based on the principles of humane pedagogics. We believe in moral and ethical concepts as the main values of school life.

International Innovative School is a quality education for your children.

Children’ s needs and our great willingness to support their development and growth inspired us to open this school.

We have visited a variety of Canadian schools and adopted their experience.

Ms Lucy Andriyenko, who lives in Edmonton (Canada) and has been working in the field of Early Learning Education in Canada for 8 years, is our expert and supports us in adopting the best practices of Canadian Early Learning Education.

We heard a lot about Finnish education and wanted to check it ourselves. Due to our strong desire and with the help of modern technologies, 3 days after our decision to visit schools in Finland we had plane tickets and invitations from Finnish schools which were ready to meet us and share their experience.

For more information about our first trip please c lick here. During out tour to Finnish schools we communicated a lot with teachers, directors, pupils and their parents.

We drew a conclusion that children living in Finland are really happy and smart due to quality and free education.

We understood that we wouldn’t be able to make something similar to Finland at the state level, but we could try to do it at our private school. To achieve this goal first of all we found like-minded people, pedagogues innovators, who were not satisfied with general educational system and who acquired their experience from alternative schools. We were also kindly supported by the teachers and directors of some Finnish schools. Due to their recommendations and our hard work we created our school taking into consideration individual children’s interests, personal needs and the best practices in the field of Early Childhood Education.

We invited Ukrainian scientists, our colleagues from innovative educational centre and the principal of one of the best Ukrainian schools to become our advisors and counselors and to carry out methodical and administrative support.

Therefore our task is to provide quality education, state curriculum, Canadian methods and Finnish approach. This is our primary International Innovative School.

Our school offers:

  • Safe and developmentally appropriate environment;
  • Spacious classes divided into educational centres;
  • Video surveillance (inside and outside);
  • Automatic magnetic door locks;
  • Ventilation of all rooms;
  • Healthy food made from scratch;
  • Our own playground and sport area;
  • Ministry of Education and Science license;
  • Secondary and high school perspective (are going to be built within the next 3 years);
  • Canadian approaches;
  • Use of Finnish experience in teacher-pupil interaction and in everyday school life;
  • Participation of all children in projects and events;
  • Optimal number of pupils in a class;
  • Fulland part-time school;
  • Extra studios;
  • Qualified teachers with the experience of working at alternative schools (not having the
  • pattern of Ukrainian school standards);
  • Modern equipment;
  • Our own new building made of ecologically friendly materials and containing eco-friendly
  • environment;
  • Constant and responsible professional development of our staff;
  • On-going communication and cooperation with parents;
  • Own library.

Education fee:

A month’s fee is fixed and it covers all expenses for care and education according to the chosen program completely. In particular these are: educational process, individual educational and didactic approach, school uniform, food, extra classes.


For September, 2017 our school offers the following curriculum:


“FULL PLUS”, 8.45 a.m. to 6 p.m.

It consists of educational process at the state level, Canadian methods, 2-times meals + fruit snacks, school uniform, tutor’s accompany, psychologist’s consultations, everyday extra classes, field trips = 7200 hrn/month

Entrance fee is one-time and it covers all expenses for obtaining individual educational and didactic material for every pupil.

There is a 10% discount for Happy Nest Kindergarten graduates.




The day begins at 9.00 with obligatory morning and breathing exercises.


Lesson №1 (90 minutes) paired subjects


30 minutes – snack time and the obligatory walk


Lesson №2 - paired subjects


90 minutes – lunch and walk


Lesson №3 - paired subjects


30 minutes – library, free space


60 minutes – work in studios (Art, Theatre, English, Dance, Sports)


5 p.m. – dinner


5.20 p.m. – 6 p.m. – Creativity work and free play in the yard;


6 p.m. – parent time


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