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International Innovative School through children’s eyes

What results do we see?

  • We’re interested, we play a lot.
  • We learn through gadgets.
  • We don’t have any homework.
  • We can have many classes outside.
  • We do more than we write.
  • There are only 16 of us in the class.
  • The food made by our cook is very tasty.
  • We have spacious classrooms with desks and the reading centre with books.
  • We have many field trips.
  • They listen to our views. They respect us.
  • They understand us.
  • We don’t wear shoes, this is comfortable.
  • We read many interesting books in the library.
  • We have different extra classes in the afternoon: English, Theatre, Choreography and Art classes
  • Every teacher is our friend.


  • Successful senior pupils.
  • Young people who understand the following: Honesty, Respect to each other, Sincerity,
  • Moral principles are the most important in our life.
  • Young people can problem solve or know how to ask for help.
  • Teenagers who understand their own needs and keep balance in everything.
  • Young people who consider themselves as a part of the universe and take responsibility for that.
  • Pupils who speak fluent English, are able to use their own knowledge and easily find/learn new information, skills etc.
  • Persistent and emotionally stable children.
  • Conscious inhabitants who understand the purpose of healthy food, lifestyle and respect other religion, cultures etc.

What do we expect from parents?

What is the school for us?

  • This is the place where a child’s emotional and psychological condition is of primary importance. This is the place where a child asks questions and a teacher creates an
  • educational space for this child to help him/her to find the answer to the questions themselves.
  • This is the place where a teacher cares for what is important for a child and cares for children.
  • This is the place where we don’t know what a child would be like in 2029, but we want to give them the skills of the 21th century (creativity, critical thinking, effective
  • communication, information literacy, social skills).
  • This is the place where everyone understands that a child is in constant development here.
  • This is the place where the teachers’ and founders’ dreams of happy and quality school come true.


  • 100% involvement in children’s everyday activities. The willingness to take part in all life and educational processes of our school.
  • Trust and communication, discussion of their feelings and expectations.
  • The desire to grow together with children, us and with information world.
  • Be a good example for their children.

What do we expect from children?


  • Physical and psychological readiness for school.
  • Morning arrivals in time.

What school do we open?

We open a primary school. 1 st – 4t h grades inclusive. In September, 2017 we begin only with the 1st and 2n d grades. Most of pupils are our graduates. But we would be glad to see everyone who sticks to the idea of quality Ukrainian education based on Finnish and Canadian methods and whose child is physically and psychologically ready to school. We don’t have age limits. Correctional specialist and psychologist will test the child’s readiness for the school. Our Primary School is in a separate building which consists of three floors. The building is not occupied, is it the property of Happy Nest, that’s why our architects designed it according to all primary school requirements.


> Kindergarten

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