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The program of Preschool Educational Centre Happy Nest is the program which contains the best

features of the following educational approaches:

Ukrainian program “Me in the World” - presenting children with the complete system of essential knowledge, skills and habits and formation of harmonious personality.


Canadian Approach “Playing to Learn”. While following the children’s interests and meeting their needs, teachers create developmentally appropriate, caring, safe and inviting to play learning environment on a daily basis. Teachers become children’ s partners in play. Children learn the best through play. However, it doesn’t mean that children just play. Teachers create intentional provocations or activities which support children's development and learning through play.


Sh. O. Amonashvili’s Humane Pedagogics which is based on the following core principles:

  • Love is taught through love;
  • Kindness is taught through kindness;
  • Generosity is taught through generosity;
  • Politeness is taught through politeness;
  • Personality is taught through personality.

Ideas of the great pedagogue V. O. Sukhomlynskyi. This This outstanding Ukrainian pedagogue believed that by nature a child is a curious explorer, who discovers the world through nature exploration. Therefore learning through nature exploration is one of the most fruitful ways of children’s development.


Maria Montessori’s approach: I ndividual approach to each child. Special didactic material with self-control. And the main rule of Montessori’s pedagogics is: “Help me to do it myself”. These best pedagogical achievements are presented in the curriculum of Preschool Educational Centre Happy Nest.

We’ve combined all these best pedagogical achievements into the curriculum of Preschool Educational Center Happy Nest.

The purpose of our curriculum is acceptance of each child’s uniqueness, supporting each child’s

needs and following their lead and interests, creation of the environment needed for favourable and

harmonious physical, moral, emotional, social and intellectual development of every child.


Physical Development:

  • Balanced and healthy food necessary for the young and growing child’s organism.
  • Daily walks outdoors;
  • Physical Education in the gym with the appropriate equipment;
  • Active games outdoors;
  • Formation of personal hygiene skills.

Moral Development:

  • Acceptance of themselves and the environment;
  • Respect to the other people’s feelings;
  • Ability to help others and be compassionate to each other;
  • The concept of “good” as the integral part of our life;
  • Development of the ability to see the beauty and to reproduce the beauty around us;
  • Celebrating all life’s forms, ability to value life.

Emotional and Social Development:

  • Formation of positive attitude to oneself and to the others;
  • Formation of responsibility for their own life and health;
  • Formation of the ability to problem solve, to express and regulate one’s feelings;
  • Understanding of one’s importance in society;
  • Understanding of own and other’s feelings and emotions, learning how to be compassionate;
  • Social skills development.

Intellectual Development

(Language and Speech development, Maths skills development, Logic , Environment, Creativity)

We strive to give plenty of opportunities for children to discover their talent and interests.

We support their personality’s development and their self-confidence


Speech and language development:

  • Development of speech (we teach to make sound and syllabic word analysis, to distinguish
  • vowels, consonants, hard and soft sounds, to put stress in words, to differentiate what is
  • “sound”, “letter”, “syllable” and alphabet letters);
  • Enrichment of vocabulary;
  • Development of grammatical concepts;
  • Development of connected and dialogical speech;
  • Improvement of reading and writing skills skills.


  • Distinguishing of objects according to their peculiarities and characteristics (shape, size,
  • color);
  • Search for common and difference;
  • Spatial relation;
  • Usage of pencil, pen, ruler;
  • Study of geometrical figures;
  • Study of numbers and understanding the difference between a quantity and a number;
  • Study of ordinal counting, in direct and reverse order;
  • Study of comparison of objects (numbers) and choosing a symbol to denote them;
  • Formation of numbers by adding them or subtracting the ones.

Environmentally friendly:

  • Study of the connection to Earth;
  • Improvement of the ideas of natural phenomena;
  • Introducing of flora (through observing and experiment);
  • Introducing of fauna;
  • Understanding of close connection between a human and nature.


  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Learning folk music;
  • Study of musical compositions;
  • Development of aesthetic taste;
  • Acquisition of musical and acting skills;
  • Study of reproducing of a musical image with the help of plasticity and body language;
  • Development of non-standard approach to the creation of composition;
  • The ability to use and combine different natural materials creatively;
  • Development of imagination.

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