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Moral Principles

  • Keeping the morally healthy positive climate at school and in classes is a compulsory element of education.
  • All school life is based at Amonashvili’s principles of humane pedagogics.
  • There is nothing more important than a child’s soul.
  • Children don’t prepare for life, they already live their lives.
  • The system of Humane Approach inspires teachers to create such an educational space in which a child learns how to change, improve and refine their life conditions, to raise its quality instead of simple adjusting to the reality. High spirituality is the source of such a desire.
  • A Teacher’s belief in a child’s endless abilities.
  • Respect to and support in formation of every pupil’s personality.
  • Support in improvement of children’s challenging behaviours..
  • Teacher helps pupils to identify themselves as personalities
  • The development is possible only through difficulty, and the more one thinks about the difficulty the better they develop.

“Allow the child to move from success to success. Success is inspiring. A praise helps children to change themselves.” V.O. Sukhomlynskyi

Our view of educational process (TV show with us in it)

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