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Finnish Approach

  • A Teacher is a friend and a partner.
  • A lot of free space.
  • Spacious classrooms (place to work in circle, at the desk, individually).
  • Free access to the library with comfortable sofas and cushions.
  • Obligatory recesses outside.
  • 90-minutes cross-subject lessons with free movement (classroom – yard library).
  • Use of IT-technologies in the process of education
  • Education in socks (without shoes).
  • Project work.
  • Every week a teacher gets together with children to set up a goal on every subject and plan the ways of its realization.
  • Group work at lessons is possible (creation of newspapers, tasks, mini-projects).
  • Education through everyday life (assistance in the library, at the kitchen, at the reception, cleaning up).
  • Educational environment goes far beyond school. The yard, street, park, offices, museums etc. are also educational environment.
  • Free space for free game (a compulsory element of education).
  • Each year the school chooses one general topic which would appear in all subjects throughout the year. Global and comprehensive study of a topic. “Water” is the topic for the year 2017-2018.
  • Classrooms equipped with their own exit to the yard.
  • There are three planned field trips per month.

Interesting facts about Finnish system of education

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