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Classic and modern dance studio

Our main goal is to develop children’s creativity. We strive to give plenty of opportunities for children to discover their talent and interests. We support their personality’s development and their self-confidence

We invite all children 3-12 years of age to join our classes

Classes are held in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. Please see the Manager for more



Classes are conducted by a Choreographer Tetiana Bunina

Tetiana graduated from Voronezh State Choreography Institute. She also graduated from National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. She studied at the Institute of Arts.

From 1985 to 1998 she worked as a ballet dancer at the State Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. She participated in various concerts and performances of the most famous choreographers and art directors at the best Ukrainian concert halls together with celebrities of classic and modern arts.

Since 2007 she’s been working as a Choreography Teacher at the centres of Early Development and Choreography Kindergarten with children 2-6 years of age.

Since 2010 she’s been working as a Classic Choreography Teacher for adults.

Classic choreography,  which is the base for many dance styles, is an integral part of the teaching methods. For the beginners we combine musical rhythmical education, formation of ballet deportment and also additional exercises.

We are planning to create a concert group that is going to participate in different local events and in concerts, festivals and contests in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

The Parts of a Choreography Class

The classic dance class is divided into preparatory, main and final parts.

Part 1 - a preparatory part and consists of marching, running, active and active-passive additional and corrective exercises on the floor. Parterre practice prepares muscles, ligaments and joints to the classic exercise and corrects deportment defects.

Part 2 - which is the main part – is traditional classic exercise at a handrail and in the center of the hall. Learning of classic dance basics is important for the beginners in choreography. Children learn how to listen to music, do dance elements, study hand and feet positions at a handrail, small dance etudes. Children develop:


  • Feet twist, dance step;
  • Excellent technique posture and deportment;
  • Flexibility, stability, easy high jumps, perfect coordination.

These all are the elements needed for a further development of technique and dance skills.

Part 3 - a final part and consists of dance and game exercise.

Children have fun during musical rhythmical games. The group games strengthen the sense of rhythm and develop:


  • The ability to act according to general rules;
  • Imagination;
  • Creative thinking.

Dancing and game exercises are based on imitation (jumping hares, sneaky foxes) and reproduce everyday processes (running train, washing woman, cutting lawn mower etc.). Children’s favourite fairy tale, movie or cartoon characters become protagonists in games. Due to such exercises we create role play and funny dances. The children become co-authors of teachers and discover and develop their creative skills. Because folk dances make children familiar with different cultures, traditions and widens their outlook, traditional folk dances take an important place in our curriculum. Learning traditional Ukrainian dances nurtures love for Ukraine and inspires citizens.

During our classes children become familiar with the best pieces of classical music.

Choreography supports children's creativity, emotional and physical health. It helps children to develop their personalities.

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